Download Save Game GTA PC Finished / Completed

This time I will give you Save Game GTA PC is finished / completed. For those who are lazy to complete the mission and wants to play freely without any hindrance military, and the roads are closed.

Save this game is finished 100%. So do not complete the mission again.


100% savegame finished

The $ 999999999

All regions have been mastered

There is no gang war fighting over territory

Features hot coffee active

Status with a boyfriend all 100%

All clothes are available in every home

Never before in the cheat

Cool modified cars in the garage

Paramedic level 12

Vigilante 12

Pimping level 12

100 Tag

50 Oysters

50 Snapshots

50 Horseshoes

70 Unique Stunts

Bike School 100%

Driving School 100%

Boat School 100%

All stat vehicles

1000 Respect

2000 Sex appeal

1000 Gambling Skill

Infinite lives

Armor unlimited

Unlimited ammo

maximum Skill

how to use

     Savegame download via the link below
     extract files
     Right-click, and then click Copy files that have been extracted earlier that GTASAsf1.b
     Open the folder GTA San Andreas User Files in My Documents
     Right-click, and then click Paste
     Run the game GTA San Andreas
     Load the game GTA San Andreas 100% Completed

If we've ever save save GTA, be sure When Pasting stricken.


Format still Rar !! Do not forget in Extract.
Right Click - Click Extract Here
Input Password: radenz

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