Cheat And Hack Subway Surfers Unlimited Key and Coins Update 2015

Subway Surfers 1.24.0 MOD Apk

What's New
★ Travel to Japan with the Subway Surfers World Tour
★ Grind trains with charming Harumi in vibrant Tokyo
★ Drift through the Subway on the powerful Windglider board
★ Customize your crew with cool new Outfits for Harumi and Ninja
★ Reach new goals to earn the Board Rider Award

Android 2.33  and up

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Cheat for Clash of Clans Hack Tool

Clash Of Clans Hack Details:

Version: 2.92
Operating System: Mac / Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 and also all other windows.
Browsers: Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and the other.
Anti-Ban Protection : Yes
Undetectable Script : Yes
Tested and works perfectly.

Besides this Clash Of Clans Cheat have the following features:

 Add Unlimited Clash Of Clans Resources Hack
  Add Unlimited Clash Of Clans Gems Hack
Unlock all Boost

Cheat Criminal Case Hack Tool [Ultimate Version]

We are happy to present you Criminal Case Hack Tool [Ultimate Version]. It 100% working and it will give you free unlimited coins, cash, energy, hint, speed hack, and stop time hack. You can utilize the coins and cash generated by Criminal Case Hack Tool. Criminal Case Facebook Hack Tool is easy to use and you can easily add coins and cash in your account with just a few clicks of button. This hack tool has been designed by using an exploit in the game which will not put your account at risk.
- Add Unlimited Coins Hack
- Add Unlimited Cash Hack
- Add Unlimited Energy Hack
- Add Unlimited Hint Hack
- Stop Time Hack
- Instant Speed Hack
- Replenish Energy Hack
- Multiply Working Script (Use This Hack Tool on all browsers)
- Undetectable (100% Guaranteed)
- Update System

How to Run Applications Freedom For Android

Applications Freedom to make fake credit card at the time we pay via android market, Lots of free apps in the market that we have to buy her ujung2 / pay for full aplilasi, coin or free ads.

With the application of freedom at the time of payment eat freedom will create fake credit card or details of how I do not understand because I just wrote wearer.

Applications running on market freedom russia, then to change the standard matket we need market unlocker and most importantly that to run the applications that should be in the root android smarphone .. how and what the root can search with the help of google.

Step2 freedom is beginning to run applications:

1. Smartphone in a state already at the root, download and install Market Unlocker and Freedom
2. Run the market unlocker

click Enable Unlocker. then make sure to Current Market : MTS(Russian)

how to select the "Market" and then select the Russian MTS, as shown below:

3. After that Click on the home button on your smartphone
4. Select application freedom
looks like the picture above, then select the application that is available on the application of freedom or select the "Start" and then can choose the applications that will be purchased her stuff on your smartphone (with market conditions and freedom unlocker already running), to ensure freedom is already running anything yet can be seen on the menu, with the option "stop" then it means that the application is already running freedom

congratulations creative with your android apps or games, many examples of successful games using this method, including social media such as stickers on Viber and path (although need special tricks).


     must be connected to the Internet network (because you are shopping via online)
     Freedom app toggles back after use, as well as market unlocker, usually when freedom is still running applications on the open market can not (hang)

     failure can be in because the application has got a super protection or more in because of the internet network that is in use is not good (like disconnect)
Android Game Cheat Using GameCIH

Android Game Cheat Using GameCIH

Post this time ane make steady but somewhat underhanded trick heck that means Cheat increase the money / gold of the games android dg use GameCIH. Jd we could double the money dr android game which is played to 100,000 gold even indefinitely.

GameCIH is one application that uses download Cheat almost all android game, whether it be to download Cheat money / points / level or unlock weapons etc. It's easy to do dg GameCIH application. Compared application GameCIH Cheat other in my opinion is the most easily understood and applied. Broadly speaking, this tutorial is that usually applied when using GameCIH, for that see into consideration yes.

Okay friends, without further ado immediately wrote a tutorial cheat android games using gameCih:

1. Pertamax, certainly the android you in a state of ter-ROOT and must first download the application GameCIH.apk

2. After that install and open GameCIH then his Hotkey settings. Here I use the volume up button. Clay Screenshot:


3. If it is, try to minimize its GameCIH applications. Open the game I want in a cheat. Here I want to cheat money / gold from the game Colloseum. Try clay fitting start of the game was given 300 G alone.


4. Pause the game, then press the volume up button that has been set TDI. Then select Input Number.

5. Then enter the number 300 who I want to multiply / Cheat.

6. After that comes the result is known there are 750 files that have the same 300 number.

7. Proceed as usual game that aims to add to the money earlier. And if it is enough, the money is increased to 363 like this:

8.Then pause the game, press the volume up button and select the +.

Note: important to know if the number of initial increase then press + and vice versa if the figure of the previous even less press -

9. the results of which appeared only one and that is the location of its 363

10. Then press and change the money to 190,000 or up to you

11. And the result was a huge success. The money increased to 190,000 G.

Actually, it's natural to play the game more fun and challenging than fraudulent use Cheat. But all of it back to yourself masing2 ajalah anyone who wants a shortcut or enjoying every moment of game play.

Dwonload game android : Sonic Dash 1.12.0 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Rings / Stars)

Cover art

Game Android : Sonic Dash 1.12.0 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Rings / Stars)
Utilise Sonic’s powers to dodge hazards, jump over barriers and speed around loop de loops. Plus defeat enemies using Sonic’s devastating homing attack!
Sonic’s beautifully detailed world comes to life on mobile and tablet – never has an endless runner looked so good!
Choose to play as one of Sonic’s friends, including Tails, Shadow and Knuckles.
For a limited time only face off against one of the nastiest and most evil enemies ever – Zazz from Sonic Lost World. As one of the most dangerous members of the devastating Deadly Six, you must use all of Sonic’s agility and abilities to rise against Zazz and take him down before it’s too late!
Unlock, win or buy ingenious power-ups to help you run further. Including head starts, shields, ring magnets and unique score boosters!
Get more rewards the more you play! Level up your score multiplier by completing unique missions, or win amazing prizes including Red Star Rings & additional characters by completing Daily Challenges and playing the Daily Spin.
Challenge your friends on the leader boards or invite your friends through Facebook to prove who the best speed runner is…

Screenshots Sonic Dash 1.12.0 Apk

 Sonic Dash - screenshot thumbnail Sonic Dash - screenshot thumbnail
 Sonic Dash - screenshot thumbnail Sonic Dash - screenshot thumbnail
 Sonic Dash - screenshot Sonic Dash - screenshot
44 MB
Download Sonic Dash 1.12.0 
Apk + Mod (Unlimited Rings / Stars)


GameKiller Android Cheat Engine : Subway Surf work 100%

Android Cheat Engine

Want to beat the High Score games subway surf your friends or want a lot of money to buy weapons in Dead Trigger instant everything can use GameKiller.

However, to use this application must be in the root Android first.

GameKiller its function as a cheat engine on the computer to change the value of an application running (reverse engineering) only more simple and limited only to change the value.

Actually cheat engine for Android there is much that is GameCIH, DaxAttack, Game Guardian's just better writers using GameKiller.

Excess GameKiller:

- Can Android Jellybean

- Not heavy

- Easy to use


- Illegal: v

Download GameKiller : 






Password :  kutugaptek

How to use GameKiller to cheat the game in Android:

1. Install and open the application GameKiller GameKiller icon will appear on the screen overlay (make sure Android is already at the root)

2. Open the game that you want to cheat (eg Subway Surf)

3. Signed logo GameKiller> Enter the value you want to change

4. Suppose we want to change our money at Subway Surf then insert the first money (eg our money before in cheat 70809) continued in scans (Auto Identity). Main or buy goods let his money numbers change)

5. Now his money already changed from 70809 to be (for example) 89000, reinsert the number 89000 in the search box value.

6. Be sure to meet his little that appears (if mostly repeat from step No. 4)

7. Change the value that appears as you want (eg becoming 9999999) sign OK

Example results cheat:


For all games can actually only been able to understand the principles of how to use this cheat. 

Free Download Android Games

This time there I will try to share jamming latest android games collection. you can probably clays here, if there is a direct matching brushed wrote gan.jangan gamers admit that the game has not nyobain

Iron Man adventures continue here. Create Download



adventure game that will raise the adrenaline you all. Create Download


  Game genre race with HD graphics display, guaranteed cool. Create Download

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Thanks for visit. 



Free Download PES 2015 For Android + APK DATA Latest Update

Hello friends games still remain in the blog that always update the latest articles and this time I shared a new game for android version is complete with a game pes 2015 apk data so that the full version.

Free Download PES 2015 For Android+APK DATA Update Terbaru

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 for android is the most recent game gan output, so you can play this game with you download both the requirement to master the game and patch data that can be played on your smartphone.

Why should there APK data?

APK DATA is one of the most important in this game because this game data in it if you do not put it on your phone then the game will not be executed because it is ne of the most important things to be able to play the game.

PES 2012 Update 2014-2015 Apk

Any Feature newest?

Surely for PES 2015 is a lot of new features and is very much different from the old version because there are updates of design and how to play. This version is very good once its used and essentially top . Complete the following:
New Icon
4 Team ISL
World Cup 2014 was the content Home away, fitting Phase Group
Add Some League
Update 2014/2015 season (Jersey-Player-Team-Links masing2 team) etc.

Details Info about PES 2015 Android :
Name          : PES 2015
Genre         : Sports
Vendor        : Konami
Platform      : Android
File Type     : Rar
File Size     : 33.17 Mb
Original Size : 132 Mb
 Link Download :
Now that the latest review of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 for Android hopefully can help you are looking for this game.

Cheat and Game saved GTA San Andreas For Android

Cara Cheat GTA San Andreas For Android
many of the popular android games now, one of which is the game GTA San Andreas for android, adventure games are very popular and would have a lot of people already know.
  On this occasion I will share how to Cheat GTA San Andreas For Android using Cleo (must be root), the steps are as follows:

1. first download the material  HERE or HERE

2. then extract the file and remove all the contents from GTA SA Scripts folder to sdcard / Android / data / com.rockstargames.gtasa
Cara Cheat GTA San Andreas For Android

3. then install Cheat GTA SA.apk installed in internal memory and open if there is a warning of the superuser select allow
4. Select a check beforehand in the GTA SA, if there are posts Installation is posible then you can install and select Install
Cara Cheat GTA San Andreas For Android

5. sign Installation finished successfully

6. how to use it is a long press using 2 fingers are one above the other one below

Cara Cheat GTA San Andreas For Android
7. if you want to choose a long press cheatnya cheatnya then there will be posts CLEO cheat activated, if you want to choose more cheat press outside the box cheatnya

Cara Cheat GTA San Andreas For Android
                            Cara Cheat GTA San Andreas For Android

Cheat Clash of Clans : How to Increase Troops 100% working

Cheat game Clash of Clans be it in the Android and iOS devices is much sought after by the Clasher worldwide.This supercell artificial strategy game is impenetrable by the Mod makers and cheat but can be tricked by Tools named Xmodgames.

clash of clans perbanyak troops
Sometimes there are people exhibiting Screenshot Sandbox Troops Attack plus the amount of the lot. And many are asking how to multiply the number of troops in the game clash of clans? The following me explain how.
This trick is only for pleasure, so the effect is just not permanent aka Client Side.

  • First make sure your phone has been in a state of Root. if not please search on google how to root your phone according brands.
  • After that install Xmodgames apk, download it and how to use them can be read HERE
  • If it is then downloaded too SB Games Hacker apk DOWNLOAD OR MIRROR
  • Once installed please open SbGameHackernya then minimized.
  • Then open the application XModGames is the earlier you install a mod it then "Launch"
  • After his game Clash of Clans is open and activate the Sandbox features that you want to visit attack.
Please tap his Sbgamehacker then scan the number of Troops who want to be propagated, for example like this. (scan number barbarian last 76 engines) Cara Memperbanyak Troops Game Clash of Clans
  • After that it will find the results as shown below. click OK
Cara Memperbanyak Troops Game Clash of Clans
  • Then use the most Troopsnya attack, for example, I use 3 then troopsnya will be 74, enter the last 74 digits Search.
Cara Memperbanyak Troops Game Clash of Clans
  • Then enter the number of troops you want, for example, and then click Modify 99999.
Cara Memperbanyak Troops Game Clash of Clans
NB :
  • The number of troops is only temporary because it will not affect your Coc account.
  • Once the time runs out or the base is destroyed, the game will Force Close.
  • Repeat the steps above if you want to reproduce any other way Troops Reset on SBGameHacker..
  • Keep the number of troops in the Search minimal want it 5.