Android Game Cheat Using GameCIH

Post this time ane make steady but somewhat underhanded trick heck that means Cheat increase the money / gold of the games android dg use GameCIH. Jd we could double the money dr android game which is played to 100,000 gold even indefinitely.

GameCIH is one application that uses download Cheat almost all android game, whether it be to download Cheat money / points / level or unlock weapons etc. It's easy to do dg GameCIH application. Compared application GameCIH Cheat other in my opinion is the most easily understood and applied. Broadly speaking, this tutorial is that usually applied when using GameCIH, for that see into consideration yes.

Okay friends, without further ado immediately wrote a tutorial cheat android games using gameCih:

1. Pertamax, certainly the android you in a state of ter-ROOT and must first download the application GameCIH.apk

2. After that install and open GameCIH then his Hotkey settings. Here I use the volume up button. Clay Screenshot:


3. If it is, try to minimize its GameCIH applications. Open the game I want in a cheat. Here I want to cheat money / gold from the game Colloseum. Try clay fitting start of the game was given 300 G alone.


4. Pause the game, then press the volume up button that has been set TDI. Then select Input Number.

5. Then enter the number 300 who I want to multiply / Cheat.

6. After that comes the result is known there are 750 files that have the same 300 number.

7. Proceed as usual game that aims to add to the money earlier. And if it is enough, the money is increased to 363 like this:

8.Then pause the game, press the volume up button and select the +.

Note: important to know if the number of initial increase then press + and vice versa if the figure of the previous even less press -

9. the results of which appeared only one and that is the location of its 363

10. Then press and change the money to 190,000 or up to you

11. And the result was a huge success. The money increased to 190,000 G.

Actually, it's natural to play the game more fun and challenging than fraudulent use Cheat. But all of it back to yourself masing2 ajalah anyone who wants a shortcut or enjoying every moment of game play.

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